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Aritzia – “Snooze You Lose” Sale (starts Feb. 5th, 2009)

I know you Vancouverites like to click on anything related to “Aritzia” in the WordPress tags, so I decided to repost on here about the current Aritzia sale:

 It’s that time of year again! The Aritzia “Snooze You Lose” sale starts today, February 5th with 50 to 70% off select fall and winter merchandise. Keep checking this space to see what good deals there are as I make my way downtown to see what I can find! However…I’m slightly skeptical because I’ve noticed that Aritzia has been having big sales in the post-Christmas weeks already so I wonder how much more discounted their stuff will be….


Wings+Horns – Clothing Sale (December 5 to 7, 2008)

By Guest-writer Kenneth Law

Wings & Horns (formerly Spruce), a relatively cryptic brand of upscale streetwear and casual workwear for men, designed and manufactured in our very own Vancouver, B.C. is having a sample sale at 188 West 6th Ave. I’d be inclined to say it’s one of the best sample sales ever displayed by the label, with stock that includes some of their famous tiger fleece hoodies alongside thermals, buffalo check jackets, raw denim and tees for ridiculously low prices. Sizes are available from XS – XL, and if you go early enough in the day there’s usually enough stock to give you a great selection.

Collections of Wings and Horns can be found locally at Holt Renfrew, Roden Gray,Gravity Pope (footwear) and Dutil Denim (denim). However, it’s a fairly certain guarantee that the deals at this sample sale will outshine anything those stores can offer. While their designs are usually not out of the ordinary enough to jutsify the regular retail price they command, the sheer quality of the material and details in the construction (No YKK zippers!) are definitely worth the prices you will be finding at this sale. Note it is cash only.

Shop Cocoon – Friends & Family Sale (Thurs. December 4)

The concept behind Shop Cocoon (3345 Cambie Street @17th Avenue) is simple. Artists and designers lease shelf space from the store and are also required to work a minimum number of hours behind the counter each week, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their emerging brands without having to undergo the costs of starting up their own shop. The brands available at Shop Cocoon will not be unfamiliar to Vancouverites who are interested in the local and independent designer scene. From Tyte Lids to Filou Designs, these clothing and accessories have frequented the likes of Portobello West, Spend on Trend and more!

On Thursday December 4, from 11am to 9pm, save up to 30% off the entire shop for their friends and family sale. Goodies will be served.

Sarah Jessica Parker – “Lovely” Fragrance and Sex and the City DVD Release

“Suddenly, something lovely stirs in the air. Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker. Introducing a fragrance as lovely as the woman who created it. A signature scent that is feminine, timeless and ageless.

Despite only having seen a handful of SATC episodes, I thought Sex and the City was a great film. It combined all the elements of a chick flick – heartwarming one moment, heartbreaking the next, but always left with a warm, happy, fuzzy feeling about being content with who you are and having friends who will be there for you in a heartbeat when you need them the most. I love how the movie does not settle for a cookie-cutter version of happiness or romance. Everyone is different with different needs and aspirations and there is no generic happy ending which fits every person.

The success of Sarah Jessica Parker’s does not stop at Sex and the City. Like most shining starlets, she has leveraged her success and expanded further into the retail industry by launching a fragrance, appropriately titled “Lovely“.

Upon first glance, the bottle is a translucent pink with gold writing. When you think of perfumes, and all the aspects of femininity they encompass, you would not be too far off from the Lovely bottle. A circular ribbed lid caps the gold spray of the bottle giving it a simple but elegant look. Of ribbons – not of cuteness, but of maturity.

The perfume contains a bountiful of pretty layers including notes of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, orchid, cedar, white amber and musk. If scents could be described by touch, I would say Lovely is on the softer side, but no where near baby powder. It is neither citrus-y nor overly floral but has a “grown up” smell of sophistication and maturity.

Here’s more good news: as an exclusive gift available only at Sears, purchase a Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum Spray (size: 100ml) and receive a copy of the much anticipated DVD release, Sex and the City The Movie.

Limit one bonus per customer while quantities last.

Spectral Theatre – THE VELVET EDGE (starts November 5)

Spectral Theatre Presents:
THE VELVET EDGE “A Gothic Horror”

An English novelist comes to an asylum to hear the story of one inmate who after a journey into the decadent heart of 18th century France, was suspected of the murder of his wife, but committed due to his presumed insanity. As the inmate recounts his bizarre and terrifying descent into debauchery and madness, the audience is drawn into the scenes of his past. Could his delusions be in fact, a terrifying reality?

The Velvet Edge is an original two act play written by Blake Drezet, co founder of Spectral Theatre. It is a gritty, erotic period drama overflowing with sensuous flair and tantalizing horror. Utilizing rich costumes, elaborate set elements and horrific special effects it is Spectral‘s most ambitious project to date.

DATE: November 5th – 6th & 8th – 15th
TIME: Doors at 7:30 PM Show at 8:00 PM
LOCATION: Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy Street)
TICKETS: $20 (minimum donation)

Call 604 569 2013 or e-mail spectraltheatre@shawbiz.ca to reserve your tickets.
Warning: Coarse language, scenes of violence, suggestive scenes and nudity.

Taste of Yaletown- Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar

Last night I went to Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar (1079 Mainland Street) for their Taste of Yaletown menu. This restaurant is owned by the Glowbal Restaurant Group which also manages Sanafir and Italian Kitchen.

As usual, I chose the outdoor patio seating, knowing that their heat lamps would keep diners toasty warm even in the coldest of nights. Maybe a little bit too warm – but the servers were quick to fulfill my request to turn down the heat! Glowbal has always been a restaurant I somehow “end up at” in Yaletown. I think it’s because of it’s uber-convenient location – smack in the middle of Yaletown, and the popular patio seating leads to a short wait time.

Between an appetizer of “seared autumn sea scallops” or a baby spinach salad, I had the latter option with a drizzle of vinaigrette, roasted tomatoes and candied pecans. (Although my friend’s choice of 6 mini scallops on skewers was an equally fulfilling choice.) For the main course, we both had the “rosemary crusted Australian lamb chops” (I don’t eat fish) with numerous references to the musical children’s TV show “Lamb Chops Play-Along (“This is the song that never ends…”) in our personal conversation.

By the time our food was served, the sun had already set and we were literally eating by candlelight with a soft neon green glow from the Glowbal sign and faraway street lamps as the only other sources of light. I couldn’t really see my food which was slightly disgruntling because I like to know exactly what I am eating. (This is part of the reason why I don’t have any photos from the night. *Note to self: take food photos before it gets dark!) The lamb was tender and juicy but the vegetables were quite salty which took away from the tastefulness of the lamb. If my sense of taste does not deceive me (since I have already lost my sight in the darkness), I believe there were small squares of red peppers, yam and baby potatoes, beans, carrots and a big, soft onion which was kind of fun to cut up and eat with the lamb and vegetables.

As for our dessert, the chocolate espresso tort looked so delicious that the diners at the table next to us leaned over and asked what we were eating. (Yes, our tables were that close together!) A chocolate-filled tart which looked like it came fresh from the display window of a bakery and would satisfy any sweet tooth with a thin layer of raspberry syrup lining the plate. It was super filling though, so be sure to leave room for dessert – even if it means eating less of your main course.

Overall, Glowbal is quite a social restaurant to go to, especially with their backroom lounge Afterglow for drinks after dinner. Its ideal location makes it a hotspot in Yaletown. Their unhurried service makes Glowbal a great place to chat over dinner. If you haven’t had a chance to experience Taste of Yaletown yet, the fixed-price, three course menus run until October 26th so you still have time! For more details, including restaurant listings and menus, click here for the official website. Otherwise, if you are checking out Glowbal not for their Taste of Yaletown menu, then I would definitely recommend their satay sampler for a comprehensive selection of what this restaurant has to offer.

DJ Armin Van Buuren at Plush (October 9 & 10)

Armin Van Buuren, the number 1 trance DJ in the world (according to DJ Mag) and best known for radio show A State of Trance, is playing at Plush this week, on Thursday October 9th and Friday October 10th. His Friday show sold out ages ago and there are only a limited number of tickets left for Thursday night! Tickets are steeply priced at $60 (before taxes and extra charges) but if you’re willing to get over that hurdle, click here to purchase your ticket through Clubzone.