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Shop Cocoon – Friends & Family Sale (Thurs. December 4)

The concept behind Shop Cocoon (3345 Cambie Street @17th Avenue) is simple. Artists and designers lease shelf space from the store and are also required to work a minimum number of hours behind the counter each week, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their emerging brands without having to undergo the costs of starting up their own shop. The brands available at Shop Cocoon will not be unfamiliar to Vancouverites who are interested in the local and independent designer scene. From Tyte Lids to Filou Designs, these clothing and accessories have frequented the likes of Portobello West, Spend on Trend and more!

On Thursday December 4, from 11am to 9pm, save up to 30% off the entire shop for their friends and family sale. Goodies will be served.


Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival – August 16th

I often get asked by visitors to BC, “What’s there to do up at Whistler in the summer?”  Besides luging, mini-golfing, hiking, biking and all that typical outdoorsy stuff – here’s something out of the ordinary (or crazy) that is going on this weekend.  The first annual Canadian Cheese Rolling Contest is happening at the base of Blackcomb Mountain at 1pm on Saturday August 16th! 

So what exactly is cheese rolling anyway?  Basically, a gigantic cheese wheel is thrown down a hill and everyone chases it. On the way down, racers lose their footing and end up tumbling, rolling, sliding and bumping down the hill – providing spectators great entertainment value. 

Traditionally, the first person to get down the hill to the finish line wins the race.  The weirdest thing is, the winner of the races gets to take home as a trophy, the edible 11-lb wheel of cheese that they were chasing!  (Oh and also Whistler Blackcomb season passes).

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