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Spectral Theatre – THE VELVET EDGE (starts November 5)

Spectral Theatre Presents:
THE VELVET EDGE “A Gothic Horror”

An English novelist comes to an asylum to hear the story of one inmate who after a journey into the decadent heart of 18th century France, was suspected of the murder of his wife, but committed due to his presumed insanity. As the inmate recounts his bizarre and terrifying descent into debauchery and madness, the audience is drawn into the scenes of his past. Could his delusions be in fact, a terrifying reality?

The Velvet Edge is an original two act play written by Blake Drezet, co founder of Spectral Theatre. It is a gritty, erotic period drama overflowing with sensuous flair and tantalizing horror. Utilizing rich costumes, elaborate set elements and horrific special effects it is Spectral‘s most ambitious project to date.

DATE: November 5th – 6th & 8th – 15th
TIME: Doors at 7:30 PM Show at 8:00 PM
LOCATION: Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy Street)
TICKETS: $20 (minimum donation)

Call 604 569 2013 or e-mail spectraltheatre@shawbiz.ca to reserve your tickets.
Warning: Coarse language, scenes of violence, suggestive scenes and nudity.


SEE Seven – 08/09 Season Launch Party (September 5, 2008)

Like theater? Support independent arts? See Seven is entering its 12th year as a joint initiative for Vancouver’s independent theatre community to raise awareness, build audiences and share resources. See Seven is known for relevant and challenging work, reaching out to the performing arts community at large for productions in which art and risk are at the forefront.

Join them for a mix and mingle at the SEE Seven 2008-2009 Season Launch Party on September 5, 2008 at the Grolsch Fringe Club on Granville Island (1494 Old Bridge Road @ Railspur Alley) from 7:00–9:00 PM (venue is open until 2:30 AM). Admission is FREE!! The Sunday Service will be performing

SEE any 7 shows for $87 (students / artists / seniors $77). Or feast your eyes on the entire See Seven season of 10 shows with an All Seeing Pass for $127.

Cirque du Soleil – Corteo review

As you know, Modern Mix Vancouver recently posted a link to discounted tickets for Cirque Du Soleil Corteo.  Here is a review of the show by a reader who purchased through the MMV link.

By guest-writer Kyle Lee

As a Cirque du Soleil virgin I personally thought it was well worth the money!  Tickets were purchased as my treat to my sister as a farewell-to-college present and I got a sweet 30% discount to the 4pm matinee showing, much thanks to Modern Mix Vancouver. But, of course, the sister-brother bonding time is priceless! (all together now — awwwww).

But enough about that. We got to the blue and yellow striped tents near GM Place 5 minutes before showing and were ushered to our seats, which were dead centre first row of our section and might I add, AMAZING? To be honest the tent isn’t too big and you don’t need to be in the first row to enjoy the show. Think movie theatre — first row involves major straining of the neck.

We asked an usher what the plot of the story was, and he admitted there wasn’t really exactly a plot line per say, but the general idea is that a clown is imagining his own funeral. The atmosphere was very grand and charming, with a lot of juxtaposition in its theme — tragedy, yet amusing; small and big; drama and whimsical. The costumes were all very intricately well-made and beautiful. Surprisingly, the show had an interactive aspect to it and near the start of the show there was a clown walking along the aisle wearing a hat spraying water out, a couple others teasing audience members.

The soundtrack was amazing as well, there was a range of music that definitely added to the intensity of the acrobat riding a unicycle on a wire, or the playfulness of the kids jumping on their beds, or the grace of the acrobat couple flinging themselves from bar to bar and shoulder to shoulder. Speaking of which, the acrobatics left me speechless a lot of the time, or to moments of “Oh god… oh god…don’t you dare do that…” and “You come back down from there, young lady!!” To summarize — beautiful jaw-dropping acrobatics, beautiful stage showing and production, and great value.

Well done, Corteo!

Theater Under the Stars – 2008 season starts July 9

Theater Under the Stars starts tonight with alternating shows of Jesus Christ Superstar and Annie Get Your Gun playing until mid-August at Stanley Park’s outdoor theatre, Malkin Bowl.  General admission is $31 for adults but there are deals for matinee shows.  To skip the line and buy tickets online, visit Tickets Tonight.

Cirque du Soleil – discounted tickets

CorteoClick here for 20% and 30% discounted tickets to selected shows of Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo which opened on June 12th in Vancouver.

Sex and the City – The Movie

So…it was the weekend opening for Sex and the City.  All the afternoon and evening shows were sold out for Scotiabank Theater in downtown so we ended up at Fifth Avenue for the 4:30pm showing instead.  

Despite only having seen a handful of SATC episodes, I thought it was so good!!  Heartwarming one moment, heartbreaking the next, but always left with a warm, happy, fuzzy feeling about being content with who you are and having friends who will be there for you in a heartbeat when you need them the most.  I love how the movie (and I suppose the series in general) doesn’t settle for a cookie-cutter version of happiness or romance.  Everyone is different with different needs and aspirations and there is no generic happy ending which fits every person.  I am now a converted Sex and the City fan.

On Facebook, you can send a Sex and the City martini glass free gift to your friends.  However, interestingly enough – there’s an AGE RESTRICTION on how old the recipient has to be.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the age you have to be above is 21 – which is strange because the legal drinking age in BC is 19. 

Click here for movie times and locations in British Columbia.  If you’re watching this in the next few days be sure to line up and get your tickets early.  Enjoy the show!