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Shop Cocoon – Friends & Family Sale (Thurs. December 4)

The concept behind Shop Cocoon (3345 Cambie Street @17th Avenue) is simple. Artists and designers lease shelf space from the store and are also required to work a minimum number of hours behind the counter each week, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their emerging brands without having to undergo the costs of starting up their own shop. The brands available at Shop Cocoon will not be unfamiliar to Vancouverites who are interested in the local and independent designer scene. From Tyte Lids to Filou Designs, these clothing and accessories have frequented the likes of Portobello West, Spend on Trend and more!

On Thursday December 4, from 11am to 9pm, save up to 30% off the entire shop for their friends and family sale. Goodies will be served.


Toodlebunny Designs – Trunk Show at Shop Cocoon (Thursday August 21st)

Swimming trunks?  Elephant trunk?  How about treasure trunks

A trunk show is an event hosted by a store to feature or launch a designer’s new collection.  It may be to feature a new designer to the store, or to give an exclusive preview to the public of an existing designers’ launch of a new collection that has yet to appear on store shelves.   In other words, a shopping party for clientele and new customers to check out the new goods before anyone else.  And that’s exactly what will be happening with Toodlebunny Designs (and Dru’s Designs)this Thursday at Shop Cocoon (3345 Cambie Street at 17th Avenue) from 5pm to 10pm. Be the first to see these local designer’s new fall merchandise with 20% off for one night only.  Wine and other goodies will be served!

For updated information, take a look at their Facebook Event.

Pearl "Egg" Cage Earrings: A tiny carved abalone bird sits perched above a tassel of gold filled chains keeping a watchful eye on her pearl 'eggs' in a cage. Fun mismatched earrings guaranteed to get you compliments!

In the meantime, Modern Mix Vancouver has interviewed Trudy Wynans of Toodlebunny Designs.

MMV: What inpires your jewelry design?
My inspiration for my pieces begins with the discovery of the materials themselves, most often hand picked on my travels.   The uniqueness of the materials that I use and how I combine them has allowed me to create my own niche in a very competitive market. 

MMV: How do your pieces “embody natural elements” in your jewelry designs?
Nature’s flora and fauna are also a great influence in my artistic process, evidenced by the use of birds, leaves and tusks that have become signature elements of my designs. 

MMV: How about the asymmetrical designs of your pieces?
I love asymmetrical design and incorporate this into my pieces as much as possible.  Tiny birds, leaves and twigs are the starting points of most of my pieces, I also embody other natural elements to compliment these tiny features. For example, I’ll place a bird asymmetrically on a twig with a cascade of tiny leaves from the bottom of the twig.  I may add a carved stone tulip or mother of pearl flower at the clasp to finish the necklace.  I design the piece to work together as a whole.   I strongly believe that every part of the necklace should be as stunning as the part you were originally drawn to. 

MMV: What is your signature piece?

A collection of gathered charms, new and old, wire-wrapped on 14k gold filled chain.

Lucky Charms: A collection of gathered charms, new and old, wire-wrapped on 14k gold filled chain.

I would have to say that my collection of ‘mismatched earrings’ have been some of my most popular pieces.   My line is usually known for being somewhat ‘delicate’ but lately I’ve been creating bolder, standout pieces [such as the Lucky Charms necklace].  I have a lot of fun creating my pieces and love what I do!

So, as you can tell, Toodlebunny Designs is already solidifying its presence in the Vancouver retail scene and will continue to do so in the upcoming months; first at the Shop Cocoon Trunk Show and then at Spend on Trend in early September!