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Aritzia – “Snooze You Lose” Sale (starts Feb. 5th, 2009)

I know you Vancouverites like to click on anything related to “Aritzia” in the WordPress tags, so I decided to repost on here about the current Aritzia sale:

 It’s that time of year again! The Aritzia “Snooze You Lose” sale starts today, February 5th with 50 to 70% off select fall and winter merchandise. Keep checking this space to see what good deals there are as I make my way downtown to see what I can find! However…I’m slightly skeptical because I’ve noticed that Aritzia has been having big sales in the post-Christmas weeks already so I wonder how much more discounted their stuff will be….


Wings+Horns – Clothing Sale (December 5 to 7, 2008)

By Guest-writer Kenneth Law

Wings & Horns (formerly Spruce), a relatively cryptic brand of upscale streetwear and casual workwear for men, designed and manufactured in our very own Vancouver, B.C. is having a sample sale at 188 West 6th Ave. I’d be inclined to say it’s one of the best sample sales ever displayed by the label, with stock that includes some of their famous tiger fleece hoodies alongside thermals, buffalo check jackets, raw denim and tees for ridiculously low prices. Sizes are available from XS – XL, and if you go early enough in the day there’s usually enough stock to give you a great selection.

Collections of Wings and Horns can be found locally at Holt Renfrew, Roden Gray,Gravity Pope (footwear) and Dutil Denim (denim). However, it’s a fairly certain guarantee that the deals at this sample sale will outshine anything those stores can offer. While their designs are usually not out of the ordinary enough to jutsify the regular retail price they command, the sheer quality of the material and details in the construction (No YKK zippers!) are definitely worth the prices you will be finding at this sale. Note it is cash only.

Shop Cocoon – Friends & Family Sale (Thurs. December 4)

The concept behind Shop Cocoon (3345 Cambie Street @17th Avenue) is simple. Artists and designers lease shelf space from the store and are also required to work a minimum number of hours behind the counter each week, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their emerging brands without having to undergo the costs of starting up their own shop. The brands available at Shop Cocoon will not be unfamiliar to Vancouverites who are interested in the local and independent designer scene. From Tyte Lids to Filou Designs, these clothing and accessories have frequented the likes of Portobello West, Spend on Trend and more!

On Thursday December 4, from 11am to 9pm, save up to 30% off the entire shop for their friends and family sale. Goodies will be served.

Billabong Sample Sale (October 1 & 2, 2008)

Billabong is having a sample sale on Wednesday October 1 & 2, 2008.  Location is #226-1868 Glen Drive (GX Building), which is across from the Home Depot on Terminal Avenue.  Drop by between 11am to 7pm.  Don’t forget to bring cash!

RW & Co. – 20% off coupon (September 14, 2008)

Print off the below coupon to use in-store at any RW&CO. location to recieve 20% off the last ticketed price (before taxes). Offer only valid on Sunday September 14, 2008.

Threadless – $9 and $12 t-shirt sale (until September 7)

Threadless is an online community and t-shirt store with user-submitted designs. People can vote on your design on a scale of one to five and the highest scoring designs get turned into a t-shirt. For those who are not as artisically inclined but still want to participate, Threadless has a line of type tees with witty slogans submitted from users (ie. “magic is just stuff science hasn’t made boring yet“)!

Generally, their t-shirts are upwards of $17 USD and a couple of (reasonable) dollars for shipping and handling. However, every season they have highly discounted merchandise so now’s the time to stock up on t-shirts for $9 or $12! The last time I bought from Threadless, it was about $6ish for shipping (sent to Vancouver…obviously). If you take a picture of yourself wearing the t-shirt, you are credited with $1.50 on your next purchase too!

As you can see, designs are good mix of girly and boy-ey patterns. Maybe I’m gender-biased, but I can’t imagine why a girl would wear a t-shirt with a hamburger saying “I want to be inside you!” but I could see a guy wearing that.

If you do decide to browse the Threadless site and buy something, please do me a favor and buy through my referral link!

Aritzia – Warehouse Sale 2008 (August 28th to Sept. 1st)

A ton of people have been googling “Aritzia Warehouse Sale” and stumbling on to my other Aritizia sale-related posts. So I’m going to put the warehouse sale information up on Modern Mix Vancouver so people can find what they are actually looking for!

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ARITZIA WAREHOUSE SALE: August 28th to September 1st
151 West Cordova Street (the old Storyeum location in Gastown) between Cambie Street and Abbott Street.

Thursday August 28th: 8am to 8pm
Friday August 29th: 8am to 8pm
Saturday August 30th: 10am to 6pm
Sunday August 31st: 11am to 5pm
Monday September 1st: 11am to 5pm

50 to 90% off all Spring and Summer Merchandise
There’s no 5% discount on cash purchases anymore – that offer ended in 2006.

As tradition goes, I lined up at 6am this morning and was one of the first batches of people into the warehouse sale. And YES I bought a ton of stuff:

  1. Grey tweed Wilfred dress for $30 (orig. $110)
  2. Grey Talula Babaton short-sleeved dress shirt for $30 (orig. $70)
  3. Blue Talula Babaton camisole for $15 (orig. $40)
  4. Blue TNA ribbed tank for $15 (orig. $25)
  5. Blue Talula leggings for $10 (orig. $20)

Comment below and let me know if you got any great finds from the sale!