About MMV

This is a Vancouver-based blog dedicated to bringing modern information and reviews on trendy up-and-coming events in the Vancouver community to students and young urban professionals between the ages of 16 and 32 in categories including the arts, fashion, dining and nightlife.

Too often when we search up event listings in Vancouver, we are bombarded with websites featuring tourist information on The Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park and other family-orientated, community attractions. How about for those of us who already live here and want to be kept in the know with a refreshing change of scenery? For the students and the young urban professionals whose fast-paced lifestyles need something more than belugas and totem poles to keep us entertained. Modern Mix Vancouver will blog with profiles of restaurants for a fresh dining experience, inform you of new store openings and sample sale listings for the runway-conscious, entertainment suggestions for the night-owls and whatever else Vancouver has to offer to our lifestyle. Not only is Modern Mix Vancouver just a list of events, but added value comes from insightful commentaries and reviews and keeps you informed about trendy things we should know about in Vancouver. Modern Mix Vancouver lets you decide the trends for yourself; our mission is to keep you in the know.

The name is analogous to to the term “marketing mix” in which the strategic positioning of a product or service in a marketplace is analyzed. Likewise to Modern Mix, we provide you with a conversational commentary on modern issues and point out its relevance to our demographic. Modern Mix Vancouver strives to create a unique positioning in the blogsphere in a diverse, yet relateable range of blog categories.

Modern Mix Vancouver is run with WordPress, but since July 3, 2008, MMV has been accessible through its own domain: http://www.modernmixvancouver.com.


3 responses to “About MMV

  1. I really enjoy reading it – It’s so Vancouver. Keep it up!

  2. Great idea….interesting content and well written. Keep it up!

  3. Your blog is refreshing and it highlights events for resident Vancouverites. Thanks and keep it up!

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