Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water (“hydrate responsibly”) has invaded the UBC Campus, as well as the rest of Vancouver! From the neighbourhood corner store to vending machines, the presence of colored, vitamin-enhanced water is not only a health boost but a style statement. I spent a good portion of Friday afternoon keeping my eyes peeled on different flavors and prices of Vitamin Water on campus. The cheapest was at a sold-out vending machine in the UBC Student Union Building for $2.25. The corner store was selling it for $2.29 while the food court and 99 Chairs was selling it for upwards of $2.50 per bottle. Vitamin Water also made an appearance in the season 2 premier of Gossip Girls and a quick Google Search confirms a strong support by celebrities (ie. Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Shaquille O’Neal, etc.). It’s not so much what the drink has to offer to quench your thirst – it’s the entire branding behind it and its buzzing presence in the media.


2 responses to “Vitamin Water

  1. i sooo agree with that..i did an experiment involving vitamins in first year chem…vitamin c from juice would evap. if left uncovered for a while!! by the way,the cheapest i’ve seen it for was at save-on for 1.99!

  2. Yeah Vitamin water is all the rage. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional juice boxes. Don’t know if I’d pay $2.25 or more for it though.

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