APPLE – iPod “nanochromatic”

The new iPod Nano (“Nanochromatic”) by Apple came out in September 2008 with an increased color selection and a couple of funky new “smart” features to enhance your musical experience.

Most notably, advertised as “your own personal DJ”, the “genius feature” finds songs in your music library which will go great with the song you are listening to and makes a customized playlist for you. Another feature is probably inspired by the iPod shuffle: when you shake the new Nano, a random song from your music library is selcted.

In terms of display, when you tilt the Nano to the side, the text and album artwork flips as well so you can browse through your music tracks horizontally. Similarly, with image files on your iPod, they can be viewed in portrait or landscape view, depending on which angle you are holding your iPod at.

And lastly, the curved, aluminum and glass design iPod Nano comes in nine eye-catching colors and starts at $169 for the 8GB version with free shipping from the online Apple store.


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