Threadless – $9 and $12 t-shirt sale (until September 7)

Threadless is an online community and t-shirt store with user-submitted designs. People can vote on your design on a scale of one to five and the highest scoring designs get turned into a t-shirt. For those who are not as artisically inclined but still want to participate, Threadless has a line of type tees with witty slogans submitted from users (ie. “magic is just stuff science hasn’t made boring yet“)!

Generally, their t-shirts are upwards of $17 USD and a couple of (reasonable) dollars for shipping and handling. However, every season they have highly discounted merchandise so now’s the time to stock up on t-shirts for $9 or $12! The last time I bought from Threadless, it was about $6ish for shipping (sent to Vancouver…obviously). If you take a picture of yourself wearing the t-shirt, you are credited with $1.50 on your next purchase too!

As you can see, designs are good mix of girly and boy-ey patterns. Maybe I’m gender-biased, but I can’t imagine why a girl would wear a t-shirt with a hamburger saying “I want to be inside you!” but I could see a guy wearing that.

If you do decide to browse the Threadless site and buy something, please do me a favor and buy through my referral link!


One response to “Threadless – $9 and $12 t-shirt sale (until September 7)

  1. threadless is a great website! I’ve bought a couple of tee’s from there. They’re so original and clever.


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