Aritzia – Warehouse Sale 2008 (August 28th to Sept. 1st)

A ton of people have been googling “Aritzia Warehouse Sale” and stumbling on to my other Aritizia sale-related posts. So I’m going to put the warehouse sale information up on Modern Mix Vancouver so people can find what they are actually looking for!

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ARITZIA WAREHOUSE SALE: August 28th to September 1st
151 West Cordova Street (the old Storyeum location in Gastown) between Cambie Street and Abbott Street.

Thursday August 28th: 8am to 8pm
Friday August 29th: 8am to 8pm
Saturday August 30th: 10am to 6pm
Sunday August 31st: 11am to 5pm
Monday September 1st: 11am to 5pm

50 to 90% off all Spring and Summer Merchandise
There’s no 5% discount on cash purchases anymore – that offer ended in 2006.

As tradition goes, I lined up at 6am this morning and was one of the first batches of people into the warehouse sale. And YES I bought a ton of stuff:

  1. Grey tweed Wilfred dress for $30 (orig. $110)
  2. Grey Talula Babaton short-sleeved dress shirt for $30 (orig. $70)
  3. Blue Talula Babaton camisole for $15 (orig. $40)
  4. Blue TNA ribbed tank for $15 (orig. $25)
  5. Blue Talula leggings for $10 (orig. $20)

Comment below and let me know if you got any great finds from the sale!


8 responses to “Aritzia – Warehouse Sale 2008 (August 28th to Sept. 1st)

  1. I`m just wondering, since you got there pretty early.. Did you see any Rock&Republic jeans in sizes 24-25? I went at 9ish and I didnt see any, so I thought the early girls must have bought them D:
    and I also bought
    – 2 tna tanktops (yellow & creme)
    – 2 tna shortshorts (darkgreen & fluorescentgreen)
    – 1 Wild Life 2010 leggings.

  2. Hi, I was there this morning too at 7 tho. Picked up a parka jacket for $99, some wife beaters although they had some odd colours and a suit dress by talula. Good sale though better that the last couple of years.

  3. How are the sizes?


  4. how did u find out about it??
    i went lk two times ROFL. once @ 4?
    another at lk6?

    got lk:
    -tna pink bag? u know the huge ones
    -tna green stripe hoodie (velour kind?)
    -DC red hoodie (surprised i found this)
    -taula tanktop
    -tna red tshirt!


  5. just went today. not much left. everything is picked over and very few XS and S.

  6. Is there another warehouse sale still going on now? If not, when is the next Aritzia warehouse sale?

  7. Hey, what are the prices around, And do you know if the big gwinter jackets reg 110 dollars went on sale?

  8. Do You KNow If TheyWillhave One Of These InToronto?
    Its A Huuuuge Fad InMy City.
    I Just Want Some Nice Dresses
    Let Me kNo.

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