Movement Global

Aligning with a typical Westcoast lifestyle, laid-back outdoor activities lead to the need for comfortable yet stylish fashion pieces.  For Movement Global, this company provides the opportunity for environmentally-concious people to make an active contribution to a social movement.  Not only are the pieces streamlined and comfortable but according to designer Amrita Sondhi:

Women of all ages can wear the pieces to the gym or on the street, feel good that they are made from sustainable fabrics, and appreciate that part of the proceeds are helping my foundation,

So not only will you feel good while wearing Movement Global, you’ll also know that partial proceeds are contributed to a worthy cause.  10% of the profits goes to the Pamoja Foundation that supports grass roots entrepreneurs in Africa who do not qualify for loans in the normal banking system.  The method of support is through micro financing, which is the fastest proven way out of poverty in the world today with a 98% success rate.  And it is a sustainable practise too, as the loans are typically repaid in 6 month periods when the borrower moves to the next level of loan.  Ideally, within two years, the borrower ends up in the conventional banking system.

In the meantime, MMV asked Amrita about the benfits of using Eco and Bamboo materials in her fashion line:

In my estimation it feels like vegetable cashmere.  Washes well and thermally regulates. It is also antibacterial and grows using very little land mass compared to many other fibers (cotton) and needs no pesticides.

So what now?  For a full list of shops carrying Movement Global items around Vancouver, BC and North America, click here.  Movement Global will also be at Spend on Trend, a Canadian fashion event, from September 5th to 7th at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre (677 Davie Street).


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