SHEAR GENIUS – Congratulations to our MMV contest winner!

CONGRATULATIONS to Christa Ledding, the winner of Modern Mix Vancouver’s first contest SHEAR GENIUS! We have teamed up with three upscale Vancouver Salons (Ian Daburn, Tao and Suki’s) and challenged them to create the next “it” haircut. Christa will be going to Suki’s on Burrard for her hair cut, style and color!

I have fantastically glamourous style in my art and in my personality, but I need a sassy hairstyle to complete the puzzle.

In the meantime, in case you can’t wait for the fabulous makeover to be revealed – here are some exclusive interviews with each salon to preview their personalities!!

Ian Daburn Salon (1073 Cambie Street, Yaletown)

What values does Ian Daburn Salon work by?

Ambitions to be the best does not consist of only advancing in skill, but to also advance in self. The balance between self-awareness and work is very important. It connects to three major details that we consider to be a well structured and stylish work ethic for hair stylists to have: Passion, Uniqueness, and Perfectionism

What do you predict is the next big trend in hairstyling?

Feminine grunge with a mix of muted colours, with fusions of styles, disheveled, naturally tousled to encourage a messy, raw texture.

What are some recommended hair products?

Kerastase Oleo Curl, Kerastase Soleil, and Kerastase Noctogenist. See for details on all these products

Any tips on how to find a good hairstylist?

Ask around. Don’t be afraid to ask someone on the street if you like their hair. Many of our clients are word of mouth.

Tao Salon (1523 West 8th Avenue, South Granville)

What’s the story behind Tao?

We were running out of space at Statik and Caramel and started looking for a new project. There is no snob factor, or diva artiste types. We wanted to create an upscale, super modern but inviting environment that took service to a new level. So we took top talent from our two salons and started Tao. We wanted Tao to be the type of place you would have only heard of if you knew someone who went there, sort of a poorly kept secret. Our goal is to give our clients a “Wow” experience from the moment they walk in our door.

What makes Tao the best in Vancouver?

We don’t think we’re the best, but we do everything we can to take care of our clients and I think that makes us a bit different. We try to do more for them, as you can get a great haircut in a lot of salons, so the hair alone isn’t enough.

What’s the best way to find a good stylist?

Find someone on the street who looks like they have your hair type and their cut or colour looks good and ask them. Don’t get hair advice from a friend with totally different hair than you. Everyone wants to endorse their stylist, but not all stylists are great at all things (though they should be).

Who’s the biggest celebrity that you’ve serviced?

Anne Heche, Kristen Lehman and Marnie Alton have all been regulars at one time or another, Shannon Tweed has been in and you can sometimes spot one of your favorite personalities from Global News in our salons.

Suki’s Salon (206-1030 West Georgia, Downtown)

How did Suki’s come to be a household name?

Suki Takagi opened the salon in 1972 when she moved here from Japan.  Suki (trained at Vidal Sassoon in London) was different from the beginning as she brought technical hair cutting to Canada.  Suki’s was also the first salon in North America to use color specialists.  We have been able to hold our position and focus because our people are far better trained than other salons.

What makes Suki’s the best salon in Vancouver?

Suki’s offers the finest in hair and skin care in an exciting, comfortable environment that is totally focused on complete guest satisfaction.

What do your stylists predict as the next hair trend?

There are always multiple trends in hair and fashion.  We carefully track the trends but our Stylists are trained to custom develop haircuts that best match their guest’s hair type, face and body shape, and desires.

Product recommendations?

We carry, and recommend, Kerastase and L’Oreal Professional products exclusively and will be adding the ultra chic Shu Uemura Hair Care line in the Fall.

So there you go – inside information straight from the salons!  Stay tuned, photos and salon reviews will be up soon!



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