Yoga For The Heart

By guest-writer Miranda Sam of Style By Fire.

Hastings is the new Main Street. The new Commercial Drive. The new little black dress. Whatever people compare this flourishing neighborhood to, it’s sure to be a distinctive one. It’s a tell-tale sign when not only restaurants, but vintage fashion stores and yoga centres start popping up.  

Heart Centre Yoga (3978b Hastings Street) is a new yoga studio to Burnaby Heights, where co-owner and co-director Debbie Dawkins describes as “a real neighbourhood – a great vibrant, diverse community where people still connect and support their neighbours and local merchants.”  

Debbie and partner Natalie Angell met while completing their yoga instructor certification at Open Door Yoga in Vancouver and became great friends. Both became tired of the traveling their work required, and decided it was worth starting something closer to their hearts. They debuted Heart Centre Yoga October 15th of last year. Since then, many of their clientele have “discovered” them.  

“Natalie and I both feel that community is a huge factor appreciating yoga as it’s not just the physical practice, but the energy and spirit of the people that practice together that helps create such great space and classes.” 

That being said, the physical interior space is something to be noted. With the capacity for about 10 people, its zen like surroundings and fabulous yoga instructors make this small studio one of the city’s most relaxing places to practice.  The interior décor is simple: green walls, purple mats, brown blankets… and hot pink eye covers. Unlike studios that have a more dance studio feel to them, Heart Centre’s narrow space design and frosted windows cuts off distractions from the outer world, allowing the diligent yoga student to focus on what matters most: the moment marked by the breath.  

We tried Hatha with Ariel. Her moves were really gentle, so it was perfect for us beginner yogis.  She also focused a lot on mental practice throughout the session. Although after a good night’s rest, we woke up feeling like we had done a lot more than poses! 

Whether you’re practicing, expecting, or slightly intrigued, Heart Centre’s got Hatha, Pre-Natal, and Intermediate Hatha for you. Debbie and Natalie will also be introducing some fun and interactive workshops like the Laughter Yoga, Nutrition, and an intriguing Mystery Yoga Excursion!  

Heart Centre offers an introductory rate of $10 for the first class, and students also receive 15% off.  

“Love goes a long way, is very powerful in helping things happen and has a lot to do with the naming of the studio, but that’s another story.” – Debbie Dawkins


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