Absolut Vodka – Mango

I bought a bottle of Absolut Vodka (actually my friend from Belgium bought it, but that’s another story) last month without realizing how new the flavor was to Canada until I read a short blurb about it in Vancouver Magazine.

Canadians love vodka – as long as it’s mixed.  So the way is paved for Absolut Mango.  Already a hit in Brazil, it arrive[d] here in May, bringing the tropics north just in time for summer.  No need for a degree in mixology; just combine with pineapple, lime, or even apple juice.

We were not so classy with this pineapple, lime and apple juice business. We bought a carton of Five Alive and Sugar Free 7-up/Sprite from the aforementioned open-until-midnight IGA (Ten Things About Living in Downtown, Vancouver) and mixed it the carton and a waterbottle.  Then we went for dinner at Lucy Mae Brown (862 Richards Street) with patio seating but not much of a view and then headed for a Wednesday night out at the popular Irish pub/club/bar Celli’s (670 Smite Street).

There you go.  A new drink, a late-night groccery store, a restaurant and a nightlife venue all mentioned in one entry.  Happy Weekend!


3 responses to “Absolut Vodka – Mango

  1. Mmmm… Mango vodka. Love mangos and vodka. Why not mixed together? I wonder what they’ll come up with next? Is there a strawberry or raspberry flavour yet? Or watermelon? Olive? Makes a dirty martini that much easier to make and perhaps more dirty?

  2. Oh I got you beat with the non-classy drink mixing with this particular vodka: Pemberton Festival, mixed with strawberry-kiwi juice straight out of those kid-sized box cartons! Not a good combination. I love mango, but even straight up this vodka tasted horrible to me :p

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