GUCCI – 8-8-2008 Collection

Vancouver is not the only city with Olympic spirit. The GUCCI 8-8-2008 collection premiers today, in Hong Kong and China, on August 8, 2008, corresponding with the opening of the Beijing Olympics at 8:08:08 pm.  As a limited accessories line, Gucci is branding some really unique items with their logo: from a Gucci bike to a Mahjong set!   

The Gucci Limited Edition campaign stars Chinese actor and singer Huang Xiao Ming.  


3 responses to “GUCCI – 8-8-2008 Collection

  1. I’ll park my Gucci bike at Broadway Station & Hastings… :D

  2. i understand the mahjong set but a bike?!

  3. I’ve been hearing of LV band-aids. this isn’t at all far-fetched or unusual

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