Ecojot – 100% recycled stationary

**Cutesy MMV banner doodle by Carolyn Gavin, Designer, Ecojot

Who hasn’t noticed the green initiatives springing up throughout Vancouver? From bamboo towels to hemp clothing to supporting a thriving local artist community, many companies have added it to their business strategy to set an example in corporate social responsibility by moving forth with a sustainability model.

Bursting with color and a commitment to be good to the environment, the Canadian company Ecojot began in 2007 with a search for recycled paper. The company, with its environmentally friendly initiatives, wanted 100% post-consumer paper – meaning that no new trees would be used in the process of creating Ecojot products.

With the chance to correspond with Carolyn Gavin, the former designer for Mirage Paper Co. and current Ecojot designer, and reading her musings on her blog, I’ve learned that the ideas for her bubbly designs come from simple inspiration. The flapping of a butterfly’s wings, the drawings of her six-year old daughter…

With the new addition of non-wire bound books, Ecojot has relased new workbooks to their expanding product line. In 3 different sizes – 4×6 – 3 pack, 6×9 – 2 pack and 8.5×11 single, going back to school will be something to look forward to! I have already spotted these new designs at Chapters on the corner of Robson and Howe Street in Downtown, Vancouver. To shop locally in Vancouver, visit Paper Ya in Net Loft on Granville Island.


2 responses to “Ecojot – 100% recycled stationary

  1. Sounds like an amazing company!

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