Plen+y – online summer sale starts Thursday July 31st

One of my favorite stores, Plen+y, is having an online sale on their spring and summer merchandise with free shipping on orders over $150. Your discount will automatically appear in the cart. My favorite is their in-house brand Propaganda with stylish but not too flashy and not overly expensive clothing items. It’s a really good store to get clothing basics at – yet there’s always something different/special/unique about their items. For example, I received a brown Propaganda tank top for Christmas one year – but it had lacy straps and pearl buttons on the front. And this other time, I bought a very plain dark blue Propaganda winter coat (strangely, they gave me a 10% discount off it because I liked it so much…) but what made it special was the gorgeous mint green lining on the inside. Anyway, check out the online sale – maybe you’ll find a good deal.

For other Plen+y store locations, check out Robson Street, Richmond Centre or the corner of Broadway and Mcdonald.

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One response to “Plen+y – online summer sale starts Thursday July 31st

  1. you probably asked for the discount..
    spc discount

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