TEN things about living in Downtown, Vancouver

For the past month, I have been subleasing my friend’s apartment on Robson and Thurlow. The recently-renovated, small but open-spaced one bedroom + den apartment with hardwood floors and ikea furniture is the perfect Young Urban Professional housing quarters. Now that my month is almost over, below is a tribute to 10 great things I would like to say about living in downtown, Vancouver:

  1. I love how I can conveniently sit on the Vancouver Art Gallery steps without going out of my way
  2. Fireworks are more impressive with a top notch, front row view from English Bay (which is within walking distance)
  3. When you walk to work, there is no hassle in dealing with rush hour traffic and morning parking
  4. I love the “wow” reaction you get when telling people you live on Robson Street
  5. Take advantage of the IGA on Burrard and Smithe for late-night grocery runs (open until midnight)
  6. I like having the ability to be spontaneous and drop by unexpectedly to say hi – because I was “just in the neighbourhood” 
  7. The money saved on cab rides home is worth the downtown rent
  8. Its insightful making friends with street magicians and being there regularly for his moral support
  9. Living next to two Starbucks means I’ll be one of the first to know about new drinks and promotions – information which will ultimately be passed on to YOU, my readers ;)
  10.  As rainy as people say Vancouver is, I haven’t used my umbrella the whole month of July…until today

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2 responses to “TEN things about living in Downtown, Vancouver

  1. I so agree, living downtown is awesome! I used to live next to David Lam park and every sunny day I miss being able to jog along the parkway beside False Creek :(

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