Moxies – new advertising campaign

As I was transitting to work this morning, I noticed that a new advertising campaign lined the walls of Burrard Station.  THINGS HAPPEN.  Racier and more daring than their classic, conservative website, is a summer promotion for Moxie’s.

There is a series of three advertising banners:
1) The magnetic force from a man (from a magnet company) is sitting at the bar and unconciously “pulls” the lady over to him.

2) The mere “hotness” from a firefighter causes a woman to seductively try to cool herself while leaning over the bar counter.

3) The wind from a man from a fan company causes a lady’s’ skirt to fly teasingly upwards.

The point is: things happen!  For Moxie’s summer menu, click here.


One response to “Moxies – new advertising campaign

  1. Yeah. I’ve seen that campaign in Toronto, and it is so disgustingly offensive that it has ensured that I will never set foot inside a Moxie’s restaurant.

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