Name the Kiwi and win a trip to New Zealand

When the subject of travel comes up with most Vancouverites, I find that a top wishlist destination is Australia/New Zealand.  Perhaps it is the similarity in language and lifestyle – the laidback Westcoast lifestyle compared to the relaxed Australian lifestyle.

Anyway, here’s a cutesy contest for you.  Goway Travel just announced the sponsorship of a kiwi chick at Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs in Rotorua, New Zealand.  (I have family in NZ so I have been to Rotorua before and it’s not some random destination).  As you may or may not know, the fuzzy Kiwi bird exists nowhere but New Zealand and its evolution is due to New Zealand’s island isolation. Despite it being a national symbol, the Kiwi is an endangered species and various organizations are playing their part to bring this icon back from the brink of extinction on the New Zealand mainland.

Suggest a name for the Kiwi chick in this contest and win a 5-day trip to New Zealand from Vancouver, San Fransisco or LA!


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