Mintage Vintage – $5/bag sale day

If you’ve been reading Modern Mix Vancouver, you’d know that Mintage Vintage (1714 Commercial Drive) had their $5/bag back alley vintage sale last Saturday (July 5th).  I arrived promptly at 10am and saw the madness unfold.  

The general crowd there consisted of younger looking guys and girls – lots of thick framed glasses, more stripes than I could count, jeans tighter than mine, Converse shoes and unisex American Apparel hoodies. You get the idea? At precisely 10am, the first rack of clothes rolled on top of the waterproof blue plastic tarp into the masses.  It was madness!  There were literally clothes flying in the air and people with pink plastic bags hastily grabbing at whatever they could reach.  Anyway, here are some photos I took with my phone from the event. I was standing on the outskirts of the crowd and watching with my arms crossed, camera phone held up, and if you can imagine, an amused smile on my face.


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