All You Need is Cheese

Cheese.  The perfect example of a diet staple which can be used as a convenient ingredient for sandwiches and crackers, or for gourment dishes in fondue and pastas.  Who would have known that the humble Canadian cheese has enough of a fan-base gather to be the star of its very own website All You Need is Cheese?!  Get great, easy-to-follow recipes with cheese as the “star of the show”.
Hear interviews with artisans, experts and cheese lovers from across Canada;
Discover local artisanal cheeses and local culture;
Try new pairings and recipes;
Meet foodies from coast to coast;
Link to informative cheese websites;
Learn about unique promotions, events and more;
Download a new episode every month.

The All You Need Is Cheese Podcast is updated monthly and they already have quite a few archived episodes. Listen to interviews of cheese lovers, artisanal cheese makers, restaurant owners and visits epicurean events. Each show has it’s own archive page recipes, tourist info, blog links, etc. If you love good cheese, you have to check out the All You Need is Cheese Podcast !

**CONTEST: Listen to the Pursuit of Pleasure Podcast for your chance to win an iPod touch (until July 19th)!  Creative ad for the contest there on the right eh?

On a side note, if you’re ever craving cheese fondue, you must visit Soma Cafe (151 East 8th Avenue) by Main Street in Vancouver.  Grapes, apples, bread and crackers drizzled with a soft caramel sauce with a melted cheese dip.  It’s usually only on their dinner menu, but when we went last month they took our special request and served it to us as a lunchtime dish!  The portion is fairly big so be prepared to share!


2 responses to “All You Need is Cheese

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  2. Check out the 6 Best Kept Secrets about Canadian cheese (link above).

    Tks for the venue suggestion Vanessa. The Soma Cafe fondue sounds exquisite !

    Cheers !

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