PURE NAIL BAR Metrotown – 1-Year Anniversary (June 29th & 30th)

manipediMy favorite, reliable place to get my nails done is at Pure Nail Bar. It’s super trendy and modern – white counters with small, square, blue tiles, white couches. You and your friends can share a couch while while getting pampered at the same time. At the locations I’ve been to – Kits, Granville, they have sleek, flat-screen TVs playing Friends or Sex and the City.

This upcoming Sunday and Monday (June 29th and 30th), the Metrotown location (4700 Kingsway, Burnaby) is having their 1-Year Anniversary and Customer Appreciation event! As usual, their Mani/Pedi Combo is $50 but this time, you’ll get a free bottle of OPI nailpolish with the service! As well, there will be refreshments, prizes and giveaways.


One response to “PURE NAIL BAR Metrotown – 1-Year Anniversary (June 29th & 30th)

  1. jenny mckenzie

    I would never again go to pure nail bar at the 4th avenue location. The woman who runs this nail bar is so rude it is incredible. She marched over to me after my pedicure -literally ripped off the nail separator and told me to get up and go! It had not dried and was only done a minute before! She did that so she could take more customers – and so make more money. I would never EVER go back there. If you are looking for a relaxing pedicure or manicure the 4th avenue location is not it!

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