Vancouver Art Gallery: FUSE – sponsored by Aritzia (Friday June 27, 2008)

As you know, the current Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) exhibition is “KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art” .  Why not check it out this Friday at FUSE, a 12 Hour art party from 6pm to 6am at the Vancouver Art Gallery sponsored by Aritzia.  Expect live performances, DJs and other artsy activities; for example, a 12-hour comic draw, a communal effort with local artists to create a comic book during FUSE.  Sounds like something interesting and unique to check out on a Friday night.  Oh, and there will definitely be alcoholic drinks there – I know one of the upper floor bartenders!  

Admission to Fuse is $19.50 + tax for non-members.

As a student, it may be more worthwhile to puchase a student membership for $35 which gives you free unlimited admission into the Vancouver Art Gallery, including to FUSE!

And once again, if it’s any incentive, I’ll be there!


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