Blank & Jones Concert – The Logic of Pleasure Tour

So, on Friday night I went to the Blank & Jones concert at Richard on Richards. Blank & Jones is a duo from Cologne, Germany with eight album releases – well, nine now after The Logic of Pleasure. Great concert venue with an elevated stage and zig-zags of color-changing neon lights framing the DJs. The concert wasn’t sold out which contributed to its spaciousness and gave everyone the freedom and ability to JUST DANCE. I think this was one of the best touring DJ concerts I have been to in a while – a contributing factor being how Blank & Jones are trance DJs, which is a pleasant change to all the house DJ concerts and clubs I have been to as of late. And because Blank & Jones are not as mainstream as DJs such as David Guetta or Fedde Le Grand, the crowd there was willing to pay $25 for a concert they wanted to be at, as my friend Anca said, “brought together for the love of trance”.

Lastly, Blank and Jones had a lot of crowd interaction – a lot of hands up, and pointing back at the crowd and eye contact. Perhaps it’s because there’s two of them so one can entertain the crowd while the other one spins. I have a video of Blank just standing still and staring at my camera and grinning – probably thinking I was about to take a picture and not realizing I was on video-mode instead.

For more Blank & Jones videos, click here for their official YouTube page.

The next DJ concert I’m going to is Markus Schulz at Plush on July 1st. Hope to see you there!


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