iPhone – coming to Canada on July 11, 2008

So the Apple iPhone will officially be available in Canada in exactly one month on July 11th…although I know a whole bunch of you have already been getting your goods prematurely by heading down to the states and subsequently unlocking your prize back here in Vancouver.  Lucky for the rest of you, the Apple store conveniently opened last month at Pacific Centre. 

Anyway, I don’t claim to be an expert on electronic matters such as this – to me, if it looks pretty, it goes in the shopping cart. In fact, for the very first time in my cellphone history – I paid for a new phone last week: the Ericsson 580i which retails at $300 from Rogers but I got it for $30 because I had racked up enough brownie points with my carrier to get a hefty discount.  Oh, and for the record, it’s the pretty dark grey sliding phone with blue highlights – not that hideous orange one.


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