STARBUCKS – registration and rewards

starbucks logoIt seems like as of late, Starbucks has been really pushing for the online registration of their gift cards. Now here’s another incentive: if you register your Starbucks gift card by July 14th you will get a free beverage coupon. So what are the benefits of registering your Starbucks card? You can get unlimited free coffee refills, complementary shots of syrup, customized milk choices (ie. skim, soy, etc.) at no extra charge, and a free tall beverage with the purchase of 1lb of coffee beans.

Well now I’m sort of peeved because I had at least two to three unregistered Starbucks gift cards (leftover from Christmas, etc.) which I just finished using up!! I could have really done with a free drink – working 9 to 5 in downtown makes me a corporate slave to beverage companies like Starbucks and Blenz.

**Hint: Want to make the most of your reward card? Order a (tall) vanilla (soy) earl grey (easy water) tea misto. That way, you’re only paying the price of a tea misto, but you get the soymilk and vanilla shot for free! Thanks to Wesley, an ex-barista at Starbucks, for that tip.


4 responses to “STARBUCKS – registration and rewards

  1. whooo thanks for the plug!

  2. haha omgosh i just ordered that (london fog aka tall earl grey tea misto)today..and wondered why it was so cheap!! Usually I don’t pay by credit card..usualy by starbucks card..but i ran out on my starbucks yeah the total came to $2.52 =|

  3. Aloha, just got a new card and reloaded balance from old card. Trying to register new card but somehow can’t put in the correct user name and email address. Help. My former card was 6028 9513 3670 2192 What to do?

  4. I’ve tried a few times to registration my gift card and am unable to. Please help me. Have had a card for probably 2 years and it is still not registered. Thanks a bunch.

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