STEVE NASH Sports Club


Steve Nash Sports Club

Today, I took a tour of the STEVE NASH SPORTS CLUB located at 610 Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. Definitely a state of the art gym with three floors, personal TVs attached on each treadmill, towel service, code-access lockers…it’s open, clean, spacious, modern and just opened its downtown location a year ago.  Its location is so central to the downtown Vancouver businesses – right across the street from Holt Renfrew and Pacific Center.  Lots of corporate members getting in an after-work workout.  As upscale as the Steve Nash Sports Club is, I’m more of a Gold’s Gym girl : )  

So how about prices?  That’s something they don’t list on websites in fear of scaring potential members away.  I was told it’s $150 start-up and $95/month.  STEEP.  I personally don’t think it’s worth it unless: a) you work in downtown and your workplace heavily subsidizes your fitness membership or b) you’re $$loaded$$.  But of course, gym memberships are always negotiable – waive the start-up fee, get a corporate discount, half price start-up if you sign-up with a friend, bonus fitness sessions, etc.

There’s a Jugo Juice on the main floor and they were handing out smoothie samples and free drink coupons too!  Speaking of “free stuff”, I have an extra 7-day trial pass to the Steve Nash Sports Club if anyone wants to pick it up from me in downtown.  Just email me at

**Edit: Okay, so side note.  A trainer at my gym tonight told me that when you’re running on a treadmill, be sure the inclination is at least 1.6% to be at par with running outdoors to take into account the friction of your body weight. 


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