Threadless – $10+ Sale (ends June 8th)

I really need to head out of my house right now, but I got super excited when I realized the Threadless t-shirt sale starts today. I’m absoultely cutified!! This isn’t quite a “Vancouver” thing, but hey – the internet is the world wide web. I’ll write more later tonight when I get home. But if you do decide to buy anything, please buy from my referral link here! Thanks!

Basically, Threadless is an online t-shirt store with user-submitted designs. People can vote on yoru design on a scale of one to five and the highest scoring design gets turned into a t-shirt! As you can see, designs are good mix of girly and boy-ey patterns. Maybe I’m gender-biased, but I can’t imagine why a girl would wear a t-shirt with a bar of soap saying “Rub me on your butt!” but somehow I could see a guy wearing that :P

Here are some examples of $10 (sale) t-shirts you can buy, and they are printed on AMERICAN APPAREL t-shirts:

This one is the cutesy one which caught my eye:


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