Sex and the City – The Movie

So…it was the weekend opening for Sex and the City.  All the afternoon and evening shows were sold out for Scotiabank Theater in downtown so we ended up at Fifth Avenue for the 4:30pm showing instead.  

Despite only having seen a handful of SATC episodes, I thought it was so good!!  Heartwarming one moment, heartbreaking the next, but always left with a warm, happy, fuzzy feeling about being content with who you are and having friends who will be there for you in a heartbeat when you need them the most.  I love how the movie (and I suppose the series in general) doesn’t settle for a cookie-cutter version of happiness or romance.  Everyone is different with different needs and aspirations and there is no generic happy ending which fits every person.  I am now a converted Sex and the City fan.

On Facebook, you can send a Sex and the City martini glass free gift to your friends.  However, interestingly enough – there’s an AGE RESTRICTION on how old the recipient has to be.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the age you have to be above is 21 – which is strange because the legal drinking age in BC is 19. 

Click here for movie times and locations in British Columbia.  If you’re watching this in the next few days be sure to line up and get your tickets early.  Enjoy the show!


One response to “Sex and the City – The Movie

  1. hey! was searching other vancouver blogs and found yours! just saw satc-the movie on the weekend too (did a post on it as well!!) and like you never really watched much of it when it was on tv. it was sooo good!! anyway check out my blog:
    cheers! danielle

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