H&M – one week aftermath of its grand opening

On Thursday May 22, 2008, the Vancouver Pacific Center skyline was forever changed by Hennes & Mauritz, the Swedish retail chain store known for its fashionable yet affordable clothing.  It has been a week since its grand opening on the 2nd floor of Pacific Centre, in the space formerly occupied by Holt Renfrew before its relocation.  On that day, a lineup spiraled around H&M’s exterior while eager customers awaited the store’s opening at noon or hoped to score gift cards in celebration of this joyous occasion and walked out of the store with a branded, reuseable shopping bag and the H&M magazine.  My mom came home that evening from work and was a little bit too excited about her free magazine – like it was some glorious prize that wasn’t stacked up by the cash register for every person to get a free copy of. 

A week later, the madness has barely thinned out as shoppers still hurridly carried armfuls of colorful clothing – dress shirts for $20, camisoles for $6, eager to swoop in on bargains like a hunting rampage.  It’s as if the store just opened last week!…oh wait, it did.  I heard one girl exclaim to her friend, “Just get it!  It’s so cheap!”  Nonetheless, I don’t envy waiting in the changing room line-ups nor for the cashier. 

My recommendation?  H&M has a 30-day return policy, so buy your treasures now and try them on at home later!


One response to “H&M – one week aftermath of its grand opening

  1. haha. love your last tip.
    can’t wait to get back so we can go shopping, and eating! (I need to go to the gym, I ate too much here)

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