5 Gum – still distributed by Vancouver street teams

HEY party people and night owls, when a black SUV pulls up to a club it’s either a high-rolling celebrity or a drive-by shooting.  Not this time.  It was just the Wrigley street team handing out free gum.  Even though 5 Gum was introduced to the Canadian market circa January 2008, samples are still being handed out – predominantly in the nightlife scene.  I was standing in line at Redroom in Vancouver on Saturday May 17th (coincidentally my birthday) at around 11pm for the Martijn Ten Velden concert when I was generously handed three packs of sugar-free gum in COBALT flavor.  Currently, there are three flavors of gum, RAIN (green), FLARE (red) and COBALT (blue).  All three flavors are packaged in a distinct black cardboard box, reminiscent of a cigarette carton (or a deck of cards), with 15 sticks of flat, rectangular gum wrapped in brightly colored foil.  I suppose it tastes good – it’s hard to criticize when you are being handed free gum.  I like how there are more pieces than in Dentyne and how the packaging is streamlined and sleek.  As for brand loyalty?  (Hey, I’m a marketing student – this is how I think) I wouldn’t see myself buying this brand over another or being overly attached to it.  Gum is gum, and often an impulse buy (or a Costco buy).  So good try, Wrigley, thanks for the free gum.


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