Tunnel Bar|Lounge – opening on Pender Street

Tunnel Bar|Lounge is opening soon and is located on 622 West Pender Street. 

Keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your liver strong with these grand opening nights:

 Traffik Fridays w/ Soulgood Events & Epik Entertainment (May 30th)
Lifted Saturdays w/ Canthrill Productions (May 31st)
Shelter Wednesdays w/ D Rock & Alan. (June 4th)

Tunnel Logo

If you want to guestlist to any of the above events, email guestlist@entertunnel.com.  Their Media & Industry night is tomorrow, Wednesday May 28th, and I have tickets! 
If I end up going, I will definitely give a review of the club.

Tunnel Bar|Lounge Official Website
Tunnel Bar|Lounge Facebook Group


One response to “Tunnel Bar|Lounge – opening on Pender Street

  1. This club is bunk. They over charge cover for a cd playing DJ. The staff is very rude. The drinks are marked up, and Best, during the Olympics upon entering we asked what time they closed, they said 3am and they close at 2. We just order drinks and they told us to get out, when we thought we had an hour left

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